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Are you a young person aged 13-29 with skill and talent? Participate in Nuori Kulttuuri Digistage by sending a video of your performance. The first 150 entries will receive expert feedback and all works will be featured on Digistage, which opens in April. The art form is free, as long as the work is recorded in video format.

Participation is open from March 1st to March 31st.


Please do not try to send your video through the form on this page! The video will be sent using a Dropbox link that will appear after you submit the form.

Take part in the search by filling the form.

Read more on the rules for the video analysis and applications here. Read the privacy statement for the application form here.

(Please check to make sure you have spelled the name correctly)

(The group’s hometown or city)

(E.g. music, classic, dance, circus, etc..)

(What mood does the performance evoke in you and the audience? What types of experiences/feelings can be expected? What inspired you to put on this performance? What was the process of creating the performance like?)

(Possible directors, choreographers, composers, songwriters of a work. etc...)

(Report in the form minutes:seconds (01:23) )

(The Nuori Kulttuuri Festival 2023 Kuopio event will be held in Kuopio on May 25-27, 2023.)

(E.g. How much space will your performance require, or are there technical aspects that need to be taken into consideration?)

(What are you like as a performer/group. Describe your ensemble, are there any fun details about what you do?)

(First and last name / Date of birth (Year) )

(The maximum file size is 15MB. By sending this photo you will be responsible for ensuring you have the right to use the photo, and that the performers who are visible in the photograph have given their consent to being photographed. The photo will later be used for purposes such as marketing the performance.)

(Script, choreography, music, video, photograph)

(List the materials subject to copyright here. E.g. the performer of the musical piece used and the song used)

(You can upload your performance for the Nuori Kulttuuri On Air video analysis here)

(Give in the format: 040 1234 567)

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